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30-mins | £75 – £120

This is a very powerful exfoliating formula for treating advanced signs of ageing on the skin. The exfoliation contains one of the best-known ingredients for treating ageing skin; Retinol, which is a derivative of Vitamin A. This ingredient helps to increase epidermal cell activity while increasing the moisture level in the skin which results in renewing the skin. Hexylresorcinol (from rye cereal) has long been recognised for is anaesthetic properties, and recent research results have shown that these ingredients are highly effective in lightening and controlling skin pigmentation, for an even complexion. It works in synergy with Glycolic, Phytic and Lactic Acids to exfoliate and lighten the skin, making it ideal for general rejuvenation and resurfacing benefits.

Benefits & Results:

  • Anti-ageing by excellence
  • Resurfacing; ideal for photo-damage
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation
  • Firming
  • Increases skin density
  • Smooths skin texture, scars, and dilated pores
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